venerdì 5 ottobre 2007

"It's without doubt something precious"

We all hope to find someone who is able to bright your day!!!!
After an hard day at school I found a parcel in my mailbox: it was from VL!!!!
"It's without doubt something precious" this is what I've thought when I saw it and this became true.
Photos speech themselves......
A wonderful heart, designed by VL and stitched over one. And if this was not enough , she sent me also the nice blue fabrics.

Thank you, Veronique ++++++++++++

8 commenti:

  1. Angi,
    How lucky you are!!! That is so precious!!!! I love it!!!!
    Karin :)
    in NY

  2. Belloooooo! complimenti!

  3. Il dettaglio del bottone impreziosisce questo bel cuore.

  4. Che bello, da questa foto capisco anche cosa ti piace leggere...

  5. Bonjour et bravo pour tout ce que tu fais, c'est tout à fait dans mes goûts, tes photos sont superbes, bonne continuations et à bientôt,Sylvie

    mon blog :

  6. what a great gift ! quel cadeau superbe, bravo à Véronique ! bizz