lunedì 14 aprile 2008

EEF gang , I'm a bad girl

Yes, I'm a bad girl since I've already finished the piece I've chosen few weeks ago for the SAL with the other girls (see post of March 17th).
The reason is simply: I liked that pattern so much that I couldn't stop until I've finished it.
Here you can see the Berry branch, finished and framed.

OK, I'm feeling so guilty that I've picked up another smaller pattern so I won't miss the next appointment with the girls. I don't tell you which one it is but I just show you a little bit of it :-)

9 commenti:

  1. Wow,it's beautiful Angi!! The colours, the linen, your stitching, the framing.......absolutely gorgeous!! This SAL is really motivating!!
    Many greetings from another bad girl :-)!!!!

  2. LOL!! I just love your Berry Branch!!
    and the new one!! one over one ?
    another master piece...

  3. A very nice bad girl!!!
    it's beautiful, congratulations Angi!

  4. yes Angi you're the very bad girl of the EEF gang !
    but we love you !!!

    your frame is't absolutely georgous !!! an undestand you to finish it !!!

  5. You are not a "bad girl" !
    You are right to finish Berry Branch.
    It's so beautiful !
    The new one..... hum hum
    I look forward to seeing the continuation !
    Rendez vous le 28 ????
    I don't want you to leave !

  6. Che spettacolo !!!! Ci credo che non riuscivi a fermarti...

  7. Meraviglioso!!! i colori,il ricamo,
    la cornice..... Bravissima!!!

  8. Mi piace moltissimo anche il colore del lino. Ancora un lavoro davvero ben riuscito. congrats.